California Dream : Total White Outfit

Total White Outfit


I present to you The trip that I dream to make, it is a RoadTrip in California, From where the title California Dream.

A few days ago, I was in a field with gardens and a house with a Californian style.

I was accompanied by my cousin and it was a beautiful day!

It was so beautiful, the sky was azure blue, the garden was blooming everywhere and obviously the palm was beautiful. And then we visited a marina not far from there with sailboats breathtaking.

In a future travel, I would give you the planning for my California Dream RoadTrip.

Returning to my outfit of the day:

The Total White Outfit is to wear only white pieces.
To be stylish, just create a balance when wearing a Total White Outfit.
White is also cream, very light beige, or even ivory …
For me, it’s t-shirt, jean mom, converse and sunglasses maxi yellow.

California Dream : Total White Outfit

Total White Outfit

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So tell me in comment the trip of your dreams?

I hope you enjoyed this new post ?

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Love Mimi x

Total White Outfit

Total White Outfit

Zara Jean

P&B T-shirt





Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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