Helloo Doing blogging is very pleasant when you choose to do a theme that is important to us . The beginnings are not easy at all, on the contrary it is a complicated and risky test. When we start, we take all possible risks and unimaginable. And yes it is a decision that is not to be taken lightly, because we take the risk of exposure, to face the critic, but also the frenzy of blogging. It’s not enough to create a blog, put on…Continue Reading “Simplicity is life – Black Sweater & Jeans”

Quick Outfit

Hello! I was dying to share these photos with you. The light is just beautiful and although the decor is not perfect, there is one element that stands out beautifully is the nature behind me. The blazer is definitely one of my favorites this season, I think I will wear it a thousand times and I even think to buy it for spring. A very seventeen California Chica t-shirt. I mixed it with an amazing pair of Asos jeans and of course my essential Converses….Continue Reading “Quick Outfit : Blazer, Tee-shirt & Jeans”

Leather Skirt

Helloo !! Back to work means busy days of meetings (In recent times I am overwhelmed with work, I do not know anymore or give head, so that I am less present on my social networks). This little bag, I never leave it, it is so practical and lightweight. I do not need to clutter with a tote, because my computer I prefer to put it in a separate pocket. I’m wearing this new leather skirt. I paired it with my black and white striped…Continue Reading “LEATHER SKIRT & STRIPED SWEATER”

Minimalist Outfit

Hellooo Overlapping clothes is a trend this winter. The clothes are superimposed and give birth to new combinations. The “layering” is very popular with designers, from Burberry to Chloé via Céline. It is that layering, in addition to structuring the silhouette, offers many advantages. It helps to keep his clothes in full season. I advise you to appropriate this trend, it will allow you to create Minimalist Outfit. Hellooo Superposer les vêtements est une tendance de cet hiver. Les vêtements se superposent et donnent naissance…Continue Reading “Minimalist Outfit : Beige Sweater & Vintage Jeans”

Blue Wool Coat

Helloooo I had an important appointment that day, and I was as usual late. So I was eager to get dressed with similar colors and tones that I love and know how to wear. Blue and all the shades of blue. It is simple to coordinate and make a monochrome effect. Monochrome is so easy to wear when you’re in a hurry (which I was!). I recently wore a blue turtleneck. I wore a blue coat, this is the major piece of my look. With…Continue Reading “Shades of Blue : Blue Wool Coat”


Helloo !! I chose to wear a tartan wool Kilt skirt because I love the So British style. As it is still cold I wear these black boots with rhinestones. I decided to wear a big sweater, it is oversized and super soft as if it is a big winter scarf. It was like wearing a comfortable blanket without most of the blanket material. Helloo!! J’ai choisi de porter une jupe Kilt en laine tartan, car j’adore le style So British. Comme il fait encore…Continue Reading “TARTAN WOOL KILT SKIRT & BLACK SWEATER”

Classic Trench Coat

Hellooo When it comes to dressing casual, discreet, I think he has a bad reputation. I never wear jogging in my house, let alone in public. I do not like them, and they are not at all my style.So when I have a casual day, I always choose denim. I’m a girl who loves denim, it’s the key piece of my dressing room. If I’m just wearing a t-shirt and jeans during the summer, for the colder months, I’ll go to a big sweater. And…Continue Reading “Classic Trench Coat & Denim”

Green Knitted Jumper

Helloo I chose to stay comfortable and especially comfortable in this oversized green sweater. A week ago, I bought this sweater and I never leave it. I think the photos do not make as good! This sweater is so soft and comfortable that it becomes your second skin. To make this outfit more chic, I chose this beautiful brown bag. To finish the look, I wore accessories in the same colors as the green sweater. Helloo J’ai choisi de rester confortable et surtout confortable dans…Continue Reading “Green Knitted Jumper & Brown Bag”

Valentine's Day Outfit

Hellooo Valentine’s Day, we always do a lot for this day of love! But I chose to just wear a nice and super sweet sweatshirt. So, no need to put a substantial budget for a special Valentine’s Day outfit. I thought it was the perfect time to pull out these patterned Stella Luna heels! In fact, I organized all my outfit around them to stick to the theme of Valentine’s Day. In short nothing complicated, choose the simplicity even on Valentine’s Day! Hellooo La Saint-Valentin,…Continue Reading “Sugar Pop Sweat-shirt – Valentine’s day Outfit”

Pink Sweater

Hellooo Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and I thought it was the perfect time to start my special Valentine’s Day items. For me Valentine’s Day is not only a day for lovers, but a moment to share the love we have for our family, friends … In fact, I organized all my outfit around the theme of Valentine’s Day, but not only. I did not want to start with sophisticated top look. It’s so cold, a cocooning moment near the fire, there’s nothing better. I’m…Continue Reading “THE CORDUROY DRESS & PINK SWEATER”