Sunglasses for a beautiful summer


Helloo As soon as there is sun we take out our most beautiful pairs of sunglasses. True fashion accessory, sunglasses bring a touch of madness to our outfits. They can be of many different colors and shapes and are perfect to hide their eyes and watch the boys at the beach. Enter the sunny days, […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Hellooo Valentine’s Day is coming fast, and romance is in the air. It’s high time to start having fun with well-deserved gifts. I propose an article with gift ideas. The brands have created for the occasion capsule collections to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a Valentine’s Day, or you are planning to order a […]

Calzedonia: Et son Maillot personnalisable 👙🐚☀

Maillot Calzedonia

Calzedonia propose à travers une nouvelle collection de personnaliser son maillot de bain. Hello le filles!! Alors, je peux vous dire que je suis impatiente que l’Eté commence. La mer turquoise, le sable chaud, Les Vacances!! La Nouvelle Collection Calzedonia Pour mettre déjà un pied en été, je vous emmène découvrir la toute nouvelle collection […]