Street-Style : Color for our summer outfits


I know you’re going to tell me, it’s not nice, the sky is gray, it’s raining, it’s cold, so I decided to go up morals a street style all in color.

Do not despair the beautiful days are imminent!

Yet the color is more inviting than ever in the streets and in our wardrobe.

Worn in total look or small touches, the color brings good looks and makes us feel good.

It wakes up our complexion and makes good morale.

As you know in the street we find girls super stylish and of course we prick them ideas to know what colors we would want to wear this summer.

We will see the colors that furreur in the street-style!

What is your favorite color? Or which one do you prefer to wear in spring and summer?

Street-Style : Color for our summer outfits


The colors are right there:

White : A safe bet

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Yellow : The color of the sun

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Orange : For a max of vitamin

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Pink : For life

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Green : In communion with nature

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I hope you enjoyed this new post?

Personally, this year it’s beige, yellow and blue.

And you? I am waiting for your comments.

Otherwise I invite you to see also my previous post here

Love Mimi x


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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