Hyper Trend and Fashion pieces – Part 2


Fashion pieces to have at all costs

How to achieve these looks this fall / winter season?

They are at the numbers of eight pieces tend to have at all costs in our dressing this season.
These are pieces that are essential in the dress code of this fall / winter 2019-2018.

Hyper Trend and Fashion pieces

Fashion pieces

For a perfect season, carefully read this list:

Pleated skirt

The radiant pleated skirt, which exists in several print can be worn with boots or with a blazze, waistcoat belted.

The pleated skirt from @asos with a big flashy sweater.
Polka-dot pleated skirt from @zara with a belted blazer.
The pleated magnetic skirt from @anonymedesigners with a wool vest.

The godasses.

The quickdraw trip, road trip back and the godasses too. It is worn with a fluid long skirt or a dress.

The legendary godasses from @timberland with a big socks.
The most punk of godasses from @drmartens with a long polka dot dress.
The hairy shoes at @topshop with a printed flower skirt. ( Favorite )

The tailor suit

The working woman returns with the tailor suit.

The tartan print tailor set from @marcianolosangeles.
The tailor’s suit from @zara.
The woolen suit from @margauxlonnberg.

Teddy Bear jacket

The Teddy Bear Jacket to be well warm this winter.

Teddy Bear Coat from @levis.
The long Teddy Bear Coat from @pullandbear.

New arrivals arrive Monday on my blog.

As you know, I love this season!

Welcome in autumn.

It’s up to you to react

So do you follow the fashion trends where you are rather “Values ​​on”? I am waiting for your comments.

I hope you enjoyed this new post?

Otherwise I invite you to see my previous post here.

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Love Mimi x

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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